The Studio Britta Experience

Feel the full force of centuries of wisdom deeply healing your skin and soul. From the moment you arrive at Studio Britta, remove your shoes, relax and set your intention, you begin to rise to a more mindful state, ready to receive the benefits of your therapist’s skilled hands and deep knowledge. After a thorough consultation where you are encouraged to reveal your skin concerns and wellness wishes, you lie down on an amethyst-infused bio mat and your treatment begins. Your therapist tunes in to what is manifesting on your skin, and opens the senses with an aromatherapy experience.



Facial Attunement™ Clear

Our clearing facial promotes vital movement and lymph drainage that effectively addresses conditions such as acne and blackheads from deep within the skin’s ecosystem while relaxing the body and soothing the soul.

Pore congestion is the result of stagnation in the skin’s tissues. Our clearing facial promotes vital movement and lymph drainage that effectively addresses conditions such as acne and blackheads from deep within the skin’s ecosystem while relaxing the body and soothing the soul. After a natural double cleanse, we open the pores with an exfoliating mask before applying considered massage techniques that detoxify the underlying tissues and provide channels for toxins to escape the skin. Extractions may happen at the therapists’ discretion, followed by herbs and clays to further detoxify and promote gentle yet powerful healing to restore balance to the surface of the skin. A personalized array of hydrosols and serums are applied to prep and protect the skin as you re-enter the outside world with a mindset of renewed clarity.

Facial Attunement™ Lift

A miraculous toning, lifting experience that can erase the need for injectables and other med spa services. Focused massage hones in on irregular tension and weakness in the facial muscles to produce a smoother, brighter look. After natural cleansing, we open the skin with an exfoliant mask while massaging the shoulders and neck to open vital energy channels that allow the face to accept the healing energies of the treatment. True tissue transformation then begins through intuitively chosen facial massage modalities customized to your concerns: connective tissue massage to release fascia, gentle cupping for drainage, warm Thai poultice to relieve muscle tension and hydrate, crystal-tool aided gua sha for revitalization, and Ayurvedic massage for lifting and toning. A beautiful 10-minute herbal mask and “skin savasana” allows the work to integrate deeply before a final personalized array of hydrosols and serums send you floating into the city streets, fresh and radiant, in a state of enlightened bliss.


Acupuncture Face Lift

The perfect treatment for those who prefer not to visit the med spa. This is nature’s Botox, a beauty/wellness power pairing that relaxes the face for a rejuvenated look. We begin with key acupuncture points on the body that support a natural capacity to heal the skin. Then, we move on to facial and scalp acupuncture to release patterns of tension, heal inflammation, smooth lines and plump and lift the skin. We heighten the treatment with Celleuma LED light therapy to promote deep cellular healing. A mood-lifting facial gua sha massage integrates the work, imparting utter radiance to skin and self.

Full Body Acupuncture

Acupuncture is infinitely beneficial for addressing all types of disharmony, whether systemic, musculoskeletal or emotional. Bring us your concerns and discomforts and we’ll bring the body into balance. Beginning with a consultation and pulse diagnosis, we determine which areas require attention. In addition to acupunture, your tailored therapeutic experience may include cupping, gua sha, moxibustion and vibrating tuning forks all working together to invite an incredible sense of well being.

Facial Gua Sha with Body Acupuncture

Experience the power of beauty and wellness in perfect balance. Gua sha facial massage is the focal point of your treatment, lending sculpting, lifting and detoxifying benefits to the face while completely relaxing the mind. Healing energy extends to the body with precision root acupuncture that aids in circulation and detoxification, releasing physical tension and supporting systems to promote vibrant overall health. It’s a powerful, yet deeply relaxing experience that leaves you glowing from deep within.